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coast guard messages 2022

If you have trouble viewing this video, click here to watch on DVIDS. Content hosted on the public Coast Guard website is faster and easier for members to access - particularly while afloat, on detached duty, or outside work hours. 406 Mh, RT @USCGNorCal: #YearInReview: @USCG coordinates MEDEVACS of individuals experiencing a medical emergency while out on the water. Up until now, the CGPortal intranet space was located on physical (and now outdated) servers owned by the Coast Guard. To read https://t.co/AG5jKoIJtI, Splashing into 2023 like As a powerful law enforcement officer in Alaska Territory, he helped shape the history of this lawless maritime frontier. December 30, 2022 - This message establishes the implementation of the . . View all messages on CGPortal (CAC required), An official website of the United States government, ALCGOFF 105/21 - SOLICITATION FOR AY22 NAVAL ENGINEERING 2-4-2 PROGRAM, ALCGOFF 104/21 - RESULTS OF THE AY22 OLMSTED FOUNDATION FINALISTS SELECTION PANEL, ALCGOFF 103/21 - PY22 NOVEMBER ADPL LTJG SELECTION BOARD ANNOUNCEMENT MESSAGE, ALCGOFF 102/21 - AY22 JUNIOR COMMAND SCREENING PANEL (JCSP) INITIAL CANDIDATE LIST, ALCGOFF 100/21 - OFF-SEASON CAPT SOLICITATION FOR DIR NATL CMD & RESP CENTER, ALCGPSC 113/21 - COAST GUARD MWR UNIT PROGRAM OF THE YEAR AWARD WINNERS, ALCGPSC 110/21 - CONTRACTING CAREER OPPORTUNITY PROGRAM SELECTION PANEL RESULTS FOR ASSIGNMENT YEAR 2022, ALCGPSC 109/21 - PY22 ACTIVE DUTY CWO APPOINTMENT BOARD TIMELINES, ALCGPSC 108/21 - 2021 ANNUAL REVIEW OF CRITICAL HOUSING AREAS (CHA) UPDATE, ALCGPSC 107/21 - RESERVE SENIOR EDUCATION AND FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM (SEFP) PANEL RESULTS, Hosted by Defense Media Activity - WEB.mil. In 1939, the United States Lighthouse Service was merged into the Coast Guard and put in charge of maritime navigation. The Coast Guard has its beginning with the founding of the United States Revenue Cutter Service on August 4th, 1790, which is the official Coast Guard birthday. This bill authorizes appropriations through FY2023 for the Federal Maritime Commission and the U.S. Coast Guard, including appropriations for acquiring icebreaker vessels. Exhibit Center plays key role in telling Coast Guards story. The maritime enforcement responsibility has been extended to make official arrest authority for smuggling, contraband, and drug movement throughout the world both as Coast Guard cutters and units and through Law Enforcement Detachments (LEDETS) embarked in US Navy ships on the high seas in the Caribbean and Middle East for Desert Shield, Desert Storm and follow-on operations. FY21 QTR 1 GOOD ORDER AND DISCIPLINE. . 13/10 good doggos https://t.co/ohq3WqDuDg, RT @USCGNorCal: Marine Band Channel 16 is used for distress calls and monitored by a @USCG SAR Professional who answers your calls. Their installations are separated into different districts. Each request must contain a brief (one sentence)description of the item(s) the unit intends to purchase. By Adm. Linda Fagan, Coast Guard Commandant, message to the workforce. Thanks to the generosity of the Coast Guard Foundation (CGF) and its Shipmate Fund (SMF), Coast Guard units have acquired. Just be mindful that if you are seeking to share or store published information and official records, use CGPortal Online. SOLICITATION MESSAGE. Theres nothing wrong with using it. Less complex site collections are being migrated first, with more complicated sites to follow. MEDEVACS, RT @USCGNorCal: #YearInReview: We couldn't be more proud of the hard work and dedication demonstrated by @USCG D11 in 2022! Members of the US Coast Guard perform a surprisingly wide range of duties that are essential to maintaining the safety of US waterways, whether they are defending the countrys ports, carrying out search and rescue missions, or apprehending illegal drug smugglers in the act. Lloyd Bridges, known for movies such as a. , left Columbia Pictures during World War II to enlist in the Coast Guard. We have taken the best of the challenges of the past two years when we were unable to join together and melded those experiences with the gatherings of past years to take advantage of technology while providing that essential spirit of camaraderie and commitment as we come together as a group here in one of the most historic places in our country. Many of these are variations of old con artist tricks, but some are a bit more unique, as well see, When you join the United States military, you accept a pay and benefits package that includes earning 2.5 days of military leave per month of service served. The National Capital Commandery has worked hard during the past months to prepare and execute a Program for us all that will be enjoyable and educational while fulfilling the responsibilities we have as an organization to meet our mission. The 1st, 5th, 7th, 8th, and 9th districts serve the Atlantic and the 11th, 13th, 14th, and 17th serve the Pacific. to enhance our Nations maritime safety, security, and prosperity.. 2023 - Section 643 of Public Law 117-263, December 23, 2022, Congress approved a Survivor Benefit Plan Open Season. She lives in Tennessee with her National Guard husband and three boys. Atlantic Area Historian, US Coast Guard. An interactive, color-coded map will show which office covers a particular geographic region. PPC is expediting an updated DA User Guide for FSMS Reserve Orders and will post it no later than 0900 EST, 21 January 2022. Coast Guard we are for you!. Once a site is migrated from the old environment to the new, it will display a link to the sites new location in SharePoint Online. Nominations are open for the 2023 Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the Year until Jan. 27. The day commemorates the establishment of the military institution. We've got you covered with a few recipes from ou https://t.co/nr14xqEOeO, RT @USCGGreatLakes: #USCG Cutter Neah Bay w/ @CoastGuardCAN Cutter Samuel Risley conduct a dual escort on the Frontenac, Livingstone Channe, Pawsitively awesome rescue news out of the @USCGPacificNW! Admiral Linda L. Fagan, Commandant. https://t.co/cLaxTrRTIK, The MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter aircrew embarked the patient aboard and transported him back to Cold Bay for a wing-to https://t.co/ZnZqCrtR8W, Cold weather rescue The application form and guidance for additional submission requirements may be found at the 2022 Peace With Women Fellowship Call for Applicants website: Peace With Women Fellowship Application Form - Halifax International Security Forum (halifaxtheforum.org). Historically, it has been a place where units were given sites to publish and share information internally throughout the organization along with storing official records. Prior to working for the Coast Guard, he taught history at the undergraduate and graduate levels and served as curator and assistant director for five years at the Wisconsin Maritime Museum, the largest maritime museum on the Great Lakes. 664. NTR, also known as Anna, is among the biggest stars of the South film industry. The Migration Team will continue to provide updates throughout the process. If you still have questions and concerns, or need to reschedule your sites migration date (if you have one), complete the SharePoint Migration Issue Request form (CAC required). Once the issue is resolved, MyCG will go back to our normal practice of publishing modern, plain-language news articles on the homepage,withpersonnel messages autopopulating on the appropriate audience pages. Individuals should electronically submit their complete nomination package no later than Friday, 01 April, 2022 to fellowship@halifaxtheforum.org. It specializes in mens grooming products using all-natural and organic ingredients. Any item(s) previously submitted for the Shipmate Fundmust be re-submitted if the unit still desires the item(s).The previous Shipmate Fund list will no longer be valid oncethe list generated from this ALCOAST is approved startingNovember 1, 2021. b. This intranet space is moving to the DoD365 SharePoint online environment. Site owners may request a migration deferral based on operational constraints by completing the SharePoint Migration Issue Request form (CAC required). 510 Independence Parkway, Suite 500. Aye! No, the Coast Guard does not authorize face masks with exhalation valves/vents or single layer neck gaiters for safety reasons and all face masks must be of neutral colors. Coast Guard Organizational Communications, SharePoint Remediation and Rationalization, Pre-Migration Site Content and Permission Clean-up, Hosted by Defense Media Activity - WEB.mil. To date, roughly 50 site collections have already relocated to CGPortal Online, and about 900 more site collections with 2,000 sub-sites will join them over the course of this year. von Paulsens New Years Day aviation rescue near Miami Healys career tied him to the taming of Alaska, Americas last frontier, and made him possibly the most interesting and controversial captain in Coast Guard history. Happy Birthday US Coast Guard August 04, 2022 Companions, In 1790 the new country realized it needed a way to enforce laws in the vicinity of coastal seas and lakes and tributaries of these United States. Coast Guard-Wide Migration to DOD365 - SITREP 11 (CAC required). The 2022 active duty promotion list commander assignment panel convened on Jan. 25, 2022 and approved the following slate for officers ordered into the following billets: First District D1 COMMAND CADRE (D) EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT CDR JOSEPH RIZZO D1 FORCE READINESS BR (DXR) CDR MELISSA RANSOM (EXT) D1 INSP & INVEST BR (DPI) CDR ERIC RUNYON To ensure military members have easy, timely access to critical personnel announcements, MyCG is publishing ALCGPSC, ALCGOFF and ALCGENL messages as articles. U.S. Coast Guard transports sailors assigned to the hospital ship USNS Comfort (T-AH 20) during Continuing Promise 2022 from the medical site in Jeremie, Haiti, back to the ship, Dec. 15, 2022. . Requests forconstruction, services, and memberships will not be considered.Units requesting self-help projects will be required to obtainapproval by the appropriate facilities engineering staff and /orCivil Engineering Unit prior to initiating the project. Bob Whitkop, CAPT USN (Ret)Commander General. USCG graphic. 01-23, ALCGRSV 065/22 - ASSIGNMENT YEAR 2023 (AY23) RESERVE COMPONENT MANAGER (RCM) SHOPPING LISTS UPDATE - 3, Hosted by Defense Media Activity - WEB.mil. Naval Order of the United States has a unique opportunity to record the history of events from the people that were there and from the people who are interested. A note on DoD365 Teams and SharePoint Online. The United States Coast Guard was founded in 1790 by Alexander Hamilton, the Secretary of the Treasury. improved the quality of life for Coast Guard personnel and. First, remember this is a work in progress. The people were repatriated to Cuba on Dec. 28, 2022. View all messages on CGPortal (CAC required), An official website of the United States government. In order to align with the CGF's request to consolidate byDistrict, designated MWR Directors at Bases Alameda, Boston,Cleveland, Honolulu, Kodiak, New Orleans, Miami Beach, Portsmouthand Seattle will receive, consolidate, and prioritize requestsfrom all Coast Guard units in their geographic AORs, including,but not limited to Sectors, Districts, Areas, and HQ units. Think of a unit page where someone can search for a new unit and review welcome aboard info. Here are some things you should know as we continue with the migration process. For each item, fill out Columns B through F andthen a full detailed description in column J. It was in 1837 that congress granted the Revenue-Marine the mission of assisting mariners at sea which continues to this day along with the fisheries mission. For current Coast Guard Directives, please visit: The Office of Information Management (CG-61) Only the most recent 25 messages will be displayed for each topic on the CG Public Web The General Message Archive is located on an internal agency website and provides the links to archived General Messages ranging back to 1998. His books include Industrializing American Shipbuilding: The Transformation of Ship Design and Construction, 1820-1920 and Cruise of the Dashing Wave: Rounding Cape Horn in 1860. It is governed by the Department of Homeland Security during peacetime. Visit our 11 Best Scholarships for Coast Guard Members page for more information. The 2022 Coast Guard Spouse of the Year, Abbi McCracken, (pictured fourth from the left) stands with other military spouses and friends at an Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the Year event held in May 2022. Tuition and travel for this program, including travel to Washington, DC for the start of the fellowship and travel from Halifax at the conclusion, will be fully funded by DCO-I. Low bandwidth version, Download the 2022 USCG Strategy However, CGPortal Online has difference governance and is intended to be the Coast Guard-wide collection of official intranet sites. The day commemorates the establishment of the military institution. Coast Guard Good Order and Discipline Reports. This guidance includes verifying site ownership, cleaning up site content, reviewing permissions, and retaining personal identifiable information (PII) before your site can be scheduled to migrate. Once complete, the legacy site will contain a web link to the new location in CG Portal Online. Dr. Thiesen serves as Atlantic Area Historian for the United States Coast Guard. #alaska https://t.co/81Xwcj2Zo6, Fair winds and following seas, Chief Stewart. Do you want to augment active duty C, RT @USCGAcademy: On behalf of #USCGA and our Hillel Club, we wish everyone a #HappyHannukah! Once available, site collections will have the ability to associate with one of five hubs: Atlantic Area, Pacific Area, Mission Support (DCMS), Operations (DCO), and Direct Support. Will anything on a site be hard to transfer? Today we celebrate the 232nd birthday of the U.S. Coast Guard; our theme for 2022 is: "Honoring our Past. Rear. On Navy leadership: You have embarked on an honorable career and should often remind yourself of the special meaning that this service entails. CGPortal is the Coast Guards collection of intranet sites, meaning they are not accessible to anyone outside of the organization. US Guard Birthday 2022 History. Coast Guard Petty Officer 3rd Class Zachary Bruns, a marine science technician stationed at Coast Guard Sector Houston-Galveston, poses for a portrait on the sectors basketball court in Houston, Texas, Dec. 14, 2022. However, the President of the United States or Congress may shift their duties to the US Navy at any moment when necessary, particularly in times of war. Get Coast Guard regional and national news delivered straight to your email! The Fellowship concludes with all participants attending the annual Halifax International Security Forum, an event regularly attended by the Commandant and other senior governmental/military officials from the United States. Their duties are focused on upholding maritime law and safeguarding US waterways and shorelines. FM COMCOGARD PSC WASHINGTON DC, TO ALCGOFF Units, commands, and other interestedstakeholders are not authorized to contact the CGF directly.8. Copyright 2023 News9 Live. 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Open doors & friendly faces at USCG Station Portsmouth Harbor https://t.co/6hp0H1NKfY, RT @USCGAlaska: #tuesdaymotivation The validation process has been going smoothly, with 600 of 900 site collections validated so far. US Coast Guard Day is marked every year around America. Please take a moment to re-imagine how portal might look, feel and function. Coast Guard completes Evergreen V strategic foresight report Jan. 9, 2023 New report will help the service prepare for the future. Site collection owners for futuresprints will receive guidance via email two weeks prior to the start of the migration to ensure readiness. Submissions from field unitsare due to the designated MWR Director by September 1, 2021;late submissions will not be considered. A U.S. Coast Guard Station Miami Beach law enforcement crew interdicts an illegal migrant voyage near Sands Key, Florida, Dec. 23, 2022. FAQ Health and Safety Health and Safety FAQ. We have the watch. Sign in with Smart Card. Finally, I n 2003, the newly established Department of Homeland Security was given authority over the Coast Guard. Heres the bottom line: You never know what you'll see out on patrol! So will we. Please note, units receiving funding forwatercrafts which have a hull identification number must have,or will be required to obtain, a watercraft program approvalfrom CSC.3. In addition to the billion in shoreside funding, Baltimore's strong-performing Coast Guard Yard is set to receive an eye-popping $636 million, money that will help to position the yard . View All Reserve News Deadlines:Unit submissions to Regional MWR Director: September 1, 2021District approved consolidated/prioritizedlist to CSC: October 1, 2021New SMF list start: November 1, 20217. Subscribe now. CGPortal Online will become the primary storage site for official Coast Guard records. The Coast Guard has served within and around the Navy in every conflict since. Enforcing tariffs for the new nation and protecting what sovereignty the US was able to project fell largely on the Revenue-Marine during 1790-1798 when the Continental Navy was disbanded due to budget constraints (USN restored by the Constitution and for budget in 1794). Information on the Peace With Women Fellowship can be found at their website: Peace With Women Fellowship - Halifax International Security Forum (halifaxtheforum.org). The little-known facility preserves irreplaceable artifacts. Jan. 9, 2023 FSMS Update: Better performance, security, and speedier help on the way US Coast Guard Day is celebrated with several events across America. #powmiarecognitionday, Companion Insight: ADM James R. Hogg, USN (Ret). in new ways All files are now shared on D0D365 SharePoint in the cloud. The Bridges Family, Lloyd, and his sons Beau and Jeff all served in the Coast Guard or the Coast Guard Reserve. Site collections will be migrated in designated migration groups, or "sprints", based on size and complexity to preserve network bandwidth and performance. Exhibit Center plays key role in telling Coast Guards story, How a Coast Guard recruiting liaison helped the service gain a new member, Get your nominations in now for Coast Guard Spouse of the Year, Coast Guard begins Anti-Retaliation Campaign from Jan. 17-March 1, The Long Blue Line: Senior Chief Richard Dixonheavy-weather coxswain during powerful Fourth of July, ALCGRSV 001/23 - INTERNET RELEASE IS NOT AUTHORIZED, ALCGRSV 068/22 - RESERVE ASSIGNMENT YEAR 2023 (AY23) CAPTAIN AND COMMANDER SHOPPING LISTS - UPDATE 2, ALCGRSV 067/22 - PY24 IDPL SELECTION BOARD OPT OUT PANEL RESULTS, ALCGRSV 066/22 - ENLISTED RESERVE ADVANCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENT (ERAA) NO. The Coast Guard expects all operational data will be moved to CGPortal Online by December 2022. See link in bio to Commander Generals blog post. Think of it as a complex PCS move one where construction is still underway as we move into new quarters. Basic Needs Allowance (BNA) Implementation. Semper Paratus! Editor. Interested in a #career like this?! The #CoastGuar, Heading to the office #CoastGuardStyle Title. The Coast Guard expects all operational data will be moved to CGPortal Online by December 2022. Legacy sites will remain until the old servers are decommissioned in early 2023. FY21 QTR 3 AND 4 GOOD ORDER AND DISCIPLINE. This ALCOAST solicits requests for new Shipmate Fund items,which must be submitted per the guidelines below. (Photo credit: Twitter/@USCG). Sen. Cantwell, Maria [D-WA] (Introduced 09/08/2022) Committees: Senate - Commerce, Science, and Transportation: Committee Meetings: 09/14/22 10:00AM: Latest Action: Senate - 12/15/2022 Placed on Senate Legislative Calendar under General Orders. The crew of the Coast Guard Cutter Forward pose with approximately 13,375 pounds of cocaine in Port Everglades, Florida, Dec. 15, 2022. #navalordercongress2022 #visitalexandria #history, The Naval Order celebrates the service of all of those who have chosen to serve and laments the loss of those who did not return home. To signify the move, the CGPortal is being rebranded in DoD365 as CGPortal Online. USCG Members must sign in with their Common Access Card (CAC) by clicking Sign in with Smart Card. Our guest lecturer will be William H. Thiesen, PhD. MESSAGE FROM THE COMMANDANT. Thanks to the generosity of the Coast Guard Foundation (CGF) and its Shipmate Fund (SMF), Coast Guard units have acquired fitness, morale, and recreational equipment. However, these sites are not considered part of CGPortal Online. How a Coast Guard recruiting liaison helped the service gain a new member. The following features may break and not migrate successfully: Commands and site owners can submit questions and concerns about features that will not transfer to the core migration team by completing the SharePoint Migration Issue Request form (CAC required). Coast Guard begins Anti-Retaliation Campaign from Jan. 17-March 1, The Long Blue Line: Senior Chief Richard Dixonheavy-weather coxswain during powerful Fourth of July, Files on command drives must be transferred to DoD365, They will become read-only on Feb. 1 and go offline on May 1, OPSEC Awareness Month spotlights need for operations security, Dont miss these updates to the Montgomery GI Bill (MGIB) program, The U.S. Coast Guard is helping engage youth in marine environment protection through student art contest. He started making beard products for himself, shared with his friends, and opened a website. Contact us to talk about your "Living History Nugget" and pictures. Chat with a https://t.co/kTCu5UrtY8, The crew welcomed the community for an open house with activities including taking a tour of the 47-foot motor life https://t.co/oEfBtolcCH, Open stations are back! Sign in. Dr. Thiesen earned a masters degree from East Carolina Universitys Program in Maritime History, with a concentration in naval history; and a Ph.D. in University of Delawares Hagley Program in the History of Industrialization and Technology, with a specialization in maritime industries and technology. fitness, morale, and recreational equipment that has greatly. The good news is those quarters, once complete, will be worth the effort. - in new ways -. HQunits, Training Centers, and other units should submit requeststo the District MWR director where the unit physically resides.For example: TRACEN Petaluma resides in D11 so the D11 directorwill be the point of contact (POC). 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